Collaborative spaces


Collaborative spaces invite people to stop and interact, to discuss their thoughts, share ideas, make new connections. A well-designed space can promote teamwork, innovation, and creativity. It can also serve many purposes, from formal meetings, to casual conversations.

Focused spaces


When it’s time to get down to it and concentrate, people may look for a space that fosters solo work, offers privacy, or a spot for quiet conversation. An engaging workplace will provide choices. Whether it’s a getaway, private office, or well-equipped workstation, Trendway has a full range of solutions.

Private spaces


With all the open space in today’s work environments, it’s important to offer some areas of quiet and refuge. Whether you’re an introvert, want a quiet conversation or just need some solitude for concentration, private spaces create a comfortable retreat for heads-down work.



With more and more people working remotely, employers need to provide appealing and effective locations for them to park their belongings, work briefly, recharge, connect and collaborate.

They’re not places to spend a whole day, but great for short sessions and impromptu meetings. They appeal to the mobile way many people work today.